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Ucard 30

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Ucard 30 

Dual-interface, High memory Card



The UCARD 30 is a product line based on Java and MULTOS platforms that supports all types of dual interfaces. These smart cards come with high security levels and various memory sizes. All of our products are optimized to meet our customer needs.

  • Open Java Card platform
  • 8~80 KB memory
  • Supports Contactless payment / PayPass, VISA Wave, etc.
  • supports various functions on one card / Banking, transportation, IDs, etc.


  • Java Card 2.2.1 & 2.2.2
  • GP 2.1.1 / MULTOS
  • T=0 or T=0/1


  • Highly secured products with various memory sizes
  • Stable and regular card supply process
  • Fast personalization speed
  • Effective inventory management
  • Holds product with Common Criteria (CC) certification and EAL4+
  • (ALC_DVS2,AVA_VAN.5)
  • Highly flexible platform supporting the requirements of Java and MULTOS
  • Standardize-applications ensure international compatibility
  • Loads VSDC and M/Chip
  • Optimized and specified memory management
  • One of the world’s leading Java Card implementations
  • Proven security and stability by 15 years experiences
  • Provide a full range of Technical support for customer card solution
  • Our experts start by analyzing the specific situation and requirements of the customers



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